The earth that keeps you alive.

Justin and I watched King Kong last night. I’ve seen this movie once before when I was a child. Humans are horrible. They destroy every little thing they touch. At the very end Carl, who is played by Jack Black, says “Beauty killed the beast.” Beauty didn’t kill the beast. Greed did. Carl was so dead set on making a film that in the end when his film got destroyed he decided to take the ape captive to make money that way. We see something we don’t like, we destroy it. We see something we think is a threat, we kill it. We see something that will give us money, we take it. It doesn’t matter what it is. Lion are dangerous, komodo dragons are dangerous, bears are dangerous, but they’re not as dangerous as us. They have claws and teeth. We have knives, guns, traps, swords, bombs, our hands, ect. Yet we’re killing all of these beautiful creatures because we view them in a bad way. I hate how the world is right now. I hate that we have so many buildings, cars, zoos, and people. I hate how we have destroyed something that was once so breathtaking. How we have to have certain animals in a zoo because they’re going extinct or are extinct. All because of humans. They’re destroying something that gives them the air that keeps them alive. They spit on the ground they walk on. To me, you’re disrespecting the earth when you do that. I love animals more than people. You won’t see my crying during a movie if a person is sick, injured, or who passed away unless it has a powerful meaning. You will, however, see me cry if it’s an animal. Every. Time. Continue destroying what you love and what’s keeping you alive, because you’re destroying yourself and your family along with it.

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